Who we are

For volunteers, by volunteers

Our Mission

It is GRP’s mission to support volunteers who run community sports clubs; helping them to improve facilities while increasing efficiency to make committee roles easier, inspiring more volunteers. By introducing new ideas, IT solutions and technologies GRP will support volunteers to maximise assets reducing the reliance on grants and increasing sustainability. Sport is a very powerful influence in communities and has a key role to play in the transition to Net Zero and GRP aims to be a force delivering on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals key Government and society targets.


Our Vision

GRP intends to work with stakeholders to maximise the assets of sports clubs to add value to the wider community and reduce the reliance on grants. By galvanising different stakeholders GRP will reduce the fragmentation of sport and reducing the wider impact of sport on the environment. Working with partners to make a difference to the health and wellbeing of our communities while reducing the impact of sport on our environment to create a better future.


“As a volunteer, Committee Member, Chairman and now Life Member of my childhood club, first-hand¬†experience of the difficulty to manage facilities inspired me to make the role of other volunteers easier. By supporting volunteers with trusted professional services volunteers can do what they love to do.

Market research highlighted the demand for a bespoke club and facilities cloud-based software system, to support volunteers at scale while simplifying Ground Regulations and facilitating the transition to LED sports floodlighting.”

Harry Riste, GrassRoots Power CIC